Design, Strategy, & Copywriting

Identity Package

The logo was created by a designer (Garret Close) prior to my involvement with the account. He passed the torch on to me, and in preparation for the two main screening events in Portland, the client needed a completed identity package, which also included business cards and letterhead.

Event Collateral

A series of visuals needed to be created for the screening events, including a movie poster, an award certificate, a backdrop, and other various items including name tags and signage to direct foot traffic (not pictured).


My copywriter partner and I were tasked with driving attendance to the screening events through means that would be most budget-effective. We decided to utilize a couple campaigns through social media. The first of which was the "Jury's in Session" social media push that aimed to engage followers and keep the festival participants informed of when the selections for the Pacific Northwest regional screening were going to be made. The next campaign was the "10 Worst Film Lines" countdown to the event. This was designed to engage followers and drive attendance to the event. The insight that guided this campaign was that one of the strengths of making silent films was that it couldn't be spoiled by bad dialogue. This campaign inspired the Shut The Film Up sticker that was sent to participants and handed out at the event. At the end of my involvement in this account, from April to June we saw a 44% increase in Facebook page likes, 54% increase in Instagram followers and 100% increase in Twitter followers.

The final push to get butts in seats at the theater was the inclusion of the "Bring your Entourage" contest. This challenged filmmakers to see who could bring the biggest entourage to their screenings. This contest was guided by the insight that most non-filmmaker attendees are friends and family of filmmakers.